3 Common Signs of a Wet Basement

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 by Adam Jensen

Do you know what the most common signs of a wet basement are?

With many homeowners still working from home, it may be a great time to look around your basement for possible signs of moisture. Prepare your basement for rain now, instead of rushing to fix it once it is flooded.

At Dry Basements Plus it is our goal to make sure your basement is a clean, dry, and healthy space.

We want to share some common signs of a wet basement so you can keep an eye on your space. If you notice any of these issues in your basement, it may be time to schedule a free estimate with our team. We can work with with you to ensure your space is free of moisture issues.

Issue #1: Water Seeping Through Wall Cracks

3 Common Signs of a Wet Basement - Image 1

Foundation wall cracks are the most common type of issue within a basement. Wall cracks can develope during the curing process of the concrete. Typically they are not a foundation issue, but can start leaking water when left untreated. When wall cracks begin to leak they can quickly lead to water pooling in your basement. 

Things to look for:

  • Verticle cracks on the walls of your basement. 
  • Water stains or residue around the cracks.

What is our Solution?

Our team will repair the wall cracks with our FlexiSpan Crack Repair System. We use an innovative polyurethane sealant to seal the crack. This flexible sealant will never dry or crack and can flex to the natural movement of your foundation wall, ensuring a completely waterproofed seal.

Issue #2: Basement Windows Leaking

Leaking basement windows are another common problem when it comes to basements. Checking the area around your basement windows is a great place to start when looking for possible water damage. Often times, basement windows are made fom inexpensive steel or even wood frames. Aging materials can begin to rust and break down. Windows and windowpanes can begin to allow water into your basement.

What to look for?

  • Residual water along the walls or on the floor below your window.
  • Cracks or visibile openings around the windows.
  • The age of the windows. Are they original with the home?

What is our Solution?

We install our EverLast™ replacement basement windows. They are designed to replace rotting, outdated steel and wood framed basement windows. EverLast™ windows are a smart choice for several reasons:

  • Properly-fitted and installed windows prevent leaks
  • Clean, finished appearance both inside and out
  • Adds natural light to your basement
  • Low-E glass improves energy efficiency
  • Stationary panel inserts available for poured concrete foundations


Issue #3: Mold and Musty Smell

Everyone knows that "basement" smell. The humidity of your basement can lead to mold growth and a musty smell over time. Even a basement with an effective waterproofing system can still develop moisture and mold problems and may feel damp. Concrete walls and floors continually absorb moisture from the soil and release it into the air in your basement, and store bought dehumidifiers simply aren't strong enough to solve the problem. 

What to look for?3 Common Signs of a Wet Basement - Image 2

  • Overall musty smell
  • Spots of mold along the walls or floor of your space


What is our solution?

If you've waterproofed your basement, a reliable, low-maintenance dehumidifier system is a final touch that makes a big difference! You'll love how dry and clean our systems can make your basement feel! These systems work perfectly with our other basement waterproofing products or as a standalone option. 

The SaniDry Sedona is the world's most efficient, high-performance dehumidifier and filtration system, without a bulky heat exchange core. With its small size, it takes up less space in a basement and easily fits in small crawl spaces.

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your basement it may be time to schedule a free consultation! We proudly serve Wixom, Novi, Brighton, Flint, Waterford, West Bloomfield, Pontiac, Clarkston, White Lake, Burton and many surrounding areas in Michigan.

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